Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Climb

The challenge is simple. Simple, because the exact details of my adventure are as yet undetermined! Ixta is a big mountain. Real big. For me, success will be measured by having a go, rather than getting to the summit.

The more I read about climbing the mountain, the more I appreciate it will be a real challenge. Not that I am put off! More research will give me more of an idea as to what is achievable. I do hope to get to the top, and there is plenty of time to get myself into shape, get a little practice in and gain some experience. I will report back!



Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

Good luck with your plans to climb Ixta. As I hope to travel out from the UK with a climbing partner in early November, I shall be keeping a keen eye on your plans and progress, and how you gain experience. We already have mountaineering experience, but none whatsoever of travels in Mexico, or of speaking Spanish! So here's an idea for you . . why not ensure you put up some really helpful local advice on your blog -stuff that you know mountaineering Brits travelling to Mexico for the first time might value? If you make it helpful enough you might be able to persuade some of them to part with a few dollars towards your project.
Here's a few questions of my own that I'm currently looking into. What's the cost of local 1:50,000 INEGI maps, and how readily available are they in Mexico City for the popular volcano areas? (They're about US$15 and the same again for postage to the UK with long delivery times)
Are there any climbing shops close to the heart of MC selling ear like maps, gas cylinders for stoves, hiring ice axes/ski poles etc. R J Secor's book is helpful - but why not bring it up to date for us Brits with some of your own local experiences?
How did you get on on Nevado de Toluca in May? Good luck with all your plans - and take care.