Friday, January 11, 2008

Fund Raising

My last challenge raised a paltry $140. Well, that's not totally bad, but I can do better. This time I am getting things sorted well in advance and I have a new and improved fund raising strategy. I have a four pronged plan...


Probably the weakest part of my plan - who donates cash to someone they've never met? Well, I did get one online amigo donate $25 last time, so it's worth the effort. A ChipIn widget is available in the sidebar, so go and click on it and send in some money! Even a single, solitary dollar will do. Go for it! I have set a target of just $100 for donations. Help me out, and help the turtles too!

Site Advertising

This is where you, unknown person, can help me by doing nothing more than linking to this site from your blog! How will this help? It will boost my Google PageRank, which will enable me to sell Paid Posts. I have earned $1,700 myself in two months though paid posts on my personal blog. The higher the rank for this site the more lucrative the ads I can take will be. I hope to raise at least $500 through site advertising - all money I earn through ads I do on this site will be donated to WildCoast. So choose a piece of code below and add it to your blog, forum signature or anywhere else you can on the web - please!

Site Sponsorship

This is an entirely new tactic for me - can I find a few sponsors for the site? There's got to be a few companies out there who will give a few dollars to have their name and logo under the header, on the sidebar and on blog posts. We'll see. I'll give it a try. How does a target of $200 sound? I'm sure I can beat that! We'll see...