Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Search For Information!

Today I posted a message on the SummitPost forum looking for some extra info to help me plan with my trip. But I copied and pasted it below so if someone comes across this post first, they can give me a few details to help!

I'm looking for as much info as possible about climbing Izta. I live in Mexico City, teaching English, and am arranging a trip for me, a few of my students and a few other English teachers. None of us have ever climbed a mountain before!

There will be 6+ of us, and we intend to do the trip over two days - set off from Mexico City early Sat morning and return Sun evening/night. We intend to camp overnight on the mountain. We're looking to do it as cheaply as possible, and would be happy to reach the knees and stop there. It would be great to cross the ice field and reach the true summit, but if this would mean a lot more expense for extra equipment, then we'd possibly forego that. It's not that we're broke, but this is probably a one off so it seems a shame to spend a lot of money on equipment we'll likely never use again.

We'd have plenty of warm clothing, hiking boots, tents and sleeping bags etc, but what other equipment would be essential?

Is the route up Izta (we'd be taking the easy route of the two) obviously marked and easy to follow, is there a map, or would hiring a guide be better? How much would a guide cost?

If we need extra equipment, where can we rent it, and what sort of cost are we looking at?

If anyone wants to join us, you're welcome to do so! There's a mix of English and Spanish speakers amongst us, so there is the opportunity to practice speaking one or the other! (Whilst we squeeze mountaineering info from you!)

Really appreciate any help anyone can offer!