Saturday, September 6, 2008

Help Received!

I have recieved a couple of very helpful bits of info on climbing Izta on the SummitPost forum. They are both below. It would appear my original idea of camping half way up the mountain wasn't such a good one!

Info on a few points:
I climbed to the summit in hiking boots and trekking poles in Jan 04 so it is possible to reach the summit. Warm hiking gear is all that is needed unless there is a lot of snow.
The route is very clear for most of it but if you aren't that experienced and have a bunch of students a guide might be wise. One of the best is local to you--Oso.
Roberto Flores Rodriguez aka Oso



There are lots more than just two routes, but I think you mean you'll go up from La Joya. As I recall it, you don't need a permit to climb the mountain but you need a permit to enter the park. There is a ranger's station right there where you enter the park. I think it is still a few miles into La Joya. The cost of entering the park is almost nothing. It was a couple dollars. In principle you're supposed to send in some forms a head of time, but we didn't do that either of the two times I've been there.
The first time we used a guide because my buddy in Puebla insisted. I'm trying to remember his name. He was a linguistics professor in Puebla as I recall. He was pretty cheap.
We didn't cross the glacier and stand on her breasts (the true summit). THey said that would take about 4 more hours or something. As I recall, we left at 4AM, and reached our highpoint on her stomach at about noon and were back to La Joya at around 5PM. The stomach is very nearly the same elevation as the summit, maybe a few hundred feet lower.
You'll need to pay attention to altitude sickness if you're going to go up and camp somewhere high on the mountain. I think that, after La Joya, the first place you can camp is at about 14,000'. Coming from DF at 7,000' and then sleeping at 14,000' is a little risky. People do it, but someone might get AMS (acute mountain sickness) from that. You should read something about AMS and learn what the symptoms are and how to gauge their severity. You might be better off just camping at La Joya, and then breaking camp at say, 2AM and start walking at 3AM Sunday morning.


The Truth said...

Oh man. I'm a sucker for getting motion sick while Camping so I would highly suggest bringing the Dramamine. Make sure to take it an hour before you start hiking because it won't work if you take it once you start to feel sick and dizzy.