Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Boots Are Here!

The whole plan is coming together, finally. Two of the most important pieces of my Climbing Izta jigsaw have been put in place. Firstly, my boots have arrived, special delivery, courtesy of two amigos from the UK. They are a fine looking pair of boots and fit perfectly, thank goodness! They weren't terribly cheap for a peso earning gringo, but climbing a big mountain like Izta without them would have been .

Secondly, it looks like we've found ourselves a guide, with the essential equipment, including walking sticks and crampons. Most of the guide companies are set up for americans with dollars and are priced as such. USD$250 per person has been the average going rate. But we've found a more affordable company who charge just 750 pesos per person and that, I believe, includes transport and gear.



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