Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Internet Story

One of the biggest issues I had in climbing Izta was finding appropriate footwear - trainers just really aren't the best thing to have on your feet. But here in Mexico, shoe retailers don't have anything for a UK size 11 foot! Nothing at all. The largest shoe I've ever seen here was a 10, and just the one pair in one shop. Otherwise a size 9 is about as big as they get.

But I was rescued. A chap in the UK with a passion for mountain climbing had come across my blog, as as luck had it he had a trip to Mexico planned. After a few emails had been exchanged about his forthcoming adventure, to climb the Nevado de Toluca, Izta and the giant Pico de Orizaba, and my own plans, I hit upon the idea of seeing if he could bring me over a pair of decent boots.

And he was more than obliging, which was something of a lifesaver! The power of the internet, and PayPal, should never be underestimated! We met a couple of weeks ago, and the boots fortunately fit perfectly. They will remain treasured items and will hopefully see lots more use. Their climbs were more successful than mine, successfully summitting all three peaks.

I thanked them plenty, but one last official, blogged thank you, where it all began, doesn't hurt at all! Gracias amigos!



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