Friday, December 12, 2008

Deportes Rubens

I though I'd lost this address, but seeing as I've found it I'd best put the details up here before I lose them again!It's for a sports shop near the Zocalo where mountaineering gear can be bought or hired.

Deportes Ruben´s
Venustiano Carranza 17
Col. Centro, México D.F.
Tels: 5518-6373, 5518-5636, 5512-7037
Fax: 5512-8312

Post Update!

And funnily enough I happened to walk past the shop yesterday - so photo was duly taken! I can also give directions as well. Walk from the cathedral across the Zocalo (the main square), keeping the cathedral behind you. The jewellry shops should be to your right, and it's best you are on that side of the square. When the Zocalo ends, keep going for one block, then take your first right. Walk up there for about 5 minutes and you'll start seeing loads of sports shops. Rubens is on your left about ten minutes from the Zocalo.



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