Monday, December 1, 2008

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I was very pleased with my boots. How pleased? Pleased enough to photograph them! Well, one of them anyway. Which brings me to the point of the post - the equipment needed to go up Izta. A simple list of everything -

Thermal pantalones, two lightweight polyester trousers, a T-shirt, a lightweight jumper, a good warm waterproof jacket, a pair of thermal gloves, an acrylic hat, a tent, a sleeping bag, a rucksack, several chocolate bars, several bananas, several packets of nuts, a couple of packed tortas (sandwiches), four one litre bottles of Gatorade, three pairs of socks (all worn at the same time!) a head torch, crampons. Oh, and the boots!

That was it. Was there anything else I should have taken but didn't? Actually a thermal vest would have been good. And had I camped up at the Grupo de los Cien hut, I'd have taken more liquid.

I did notice a fair few people doing it without crampons, wearing jeans and even in trainers. Recommendable? I have to say as it's dry season, you could probably get away with jeans. It's a small risk, but if you have better clothing why take the risk? I'd perfer to be in jeans and boots though than in polyester trousers and trainers. As for the crampons....we didn't need them in the end, but then we didn't make it up to the summit where the snow is!



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